Packing Guide – Useful Tips by Oz Removalists

Oz Removalists is an owner operated business and offers excellence and convenience as removalists and home relocations for the Melbourne and its surrounding areas in Australia. 

Useful tips for packing

Acquire more boxes than you think you will need once you start packing you will be surprised, from our experience people moving always say they didn’t realize how much stuff they had.

Spend some time taking into consideration how you are going to pack your property. Books are straightforward but heavy, valuables need meticulous care when wrapping and will take time, and certain furniture may need to be dismantled.

Pack a room at a time, labeling each box with details of its contents and where it should be placed in your new home e.g. kitchen, bathroom, garage visibly mark “Fragile” on the outer surface of cartons do not mark all boxes with fragile only boxes which actually have fragile items inside. Be as detailed as you can it will make unpacking a good deal easier. Keep a load of your boxes sensible if possible to avoid any back injuries, put heavy objects in small boxes to make them easier to carry. Place lighter items in bigger boxes. Do not use packing tape directly on polished or painted wood surfaces. Stripping off the packing tape could indulge the surface. We provide you with tips on Best Way to Pack Dishes for Shipping and much more.

How to pack clothes

Wardrobe boxes are ideal and make life easier unpacking, clothes can be taken straight from the wardrobe on hangers and hung straight into wardrobe box with no added ironing to do afterwards although they can be expensive If the boxes still have some space think about filling them with lightweight items like lamp shades covered in bubble wrap. Suitcases can be used for packing clothes. Write on boxes clothing or with the person’s name on so they can be placed in their room.

We offer instant moving quotes from professional and reliable Full-Service & Self-Service movers, removal companies and corporate removalists. Call Oz Removalists – local moving company on 1800 842 066. 


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