Moving a Piano – Done Right!

Piano Moving – Professionals Only Please

If it’s your aim to relocate your piano without any fuss, and damage-free, you need to take utmost care of this instrument. While tuning and general upkeep are the standard elements in retaining the classic beauty of your piano, the relocation process is something you must not take lightly. Although the sheer size and weight of a piano may be daunting, they are in fact quite delicate objects to be handled with care.

In the event that you do not take all precautions to safely move your piano, not only do you risk injury, improper handling will likely lead to damage floors or walls too. This is a delicate procedure, so please read on and allows me to educate you.

Whether you plan to move your piano internally, or from house to house, knowing the steps involved is essential. The following tips apply to various scenarios including the make and model, the location and access obstacles etc. Planning, experience and a lot of preparation should be the elements you’ll need to research before you even think about undertaking such an important task.


Prior to the Move

Not for one moment should you consider moving a piano by yourself, unless of course you have had the proper training. Given that the main purpose of this exercise is to do so safely, injury-free and damage-free, make a list of obstacles to factor into planning the move – degree of difficulty for access at either location, transport mode, weight and weather. As the owner of this instrument, a decision needs to be made as to which form of help you’ll need to engage.

Before any decisions are made, ask around to see if you know of anyone who has taken on such a challenge. You may find some very interesting experiences that others are willing to share with you.

Hiring Professional Movers

Deciding to hire professional piano movers in Melbourne is the first smart step for this tricky process. Some people may think that a team of ultra strong men is needed to move such an item, when in fact it’s more about technique and having the right equipment. So it’s not about the manpower in this instant. A good question to ask your removalist company is whether the individuals assigned to your move are specifically trained in piano relocations. There is a huge difference between standard removalists and piano movers.

professional piano movers

As a consumer, it should be easy to identify which movers are suitable for tackling this kind of relocation. Professional piano movers will ask you very specific questions rather than providing just basic information. You should expect to be asked certain questions in relation to the precise details of locations such as the type of entrances at pickup and drop of points as well what other obstacles are involved. Depending on the degree of difficulty, certain strategies will need to be implemented.

Based on our research, more than 50% of our customers were unable to provide accurate details during phone inquiries relating to certain barriers which help us to make an informed decision when planning for piano moves. It’s important to notify your movers of important information such as the amount of stairs involved, whether the stairs are straight, spiral or winding. Accurate door way and stair measurements are also helpful. Is there a rear or side entry point to the home for better access? Scope all entry and exit points and provide this information to the moving company.

Types of Pianos

Piano movers au

Your removalist is going to need to know the exact style of piano you need to shift. Upright pianos are generally taller and narrower than other types, whereas grand pianos are usually longer. Identifying these differences is important, given that weight, size and entry/exit point openings are relative to the way in which the item needs to be maneuvered. The amount of manpower and related equipment may also vary depending on the type of piano move involved thus requiring a custom strategy.

Upright Pianos

Upright pianos have several varied styles and versions. The smallest upright pianos are commonly referred to as Spinets, standing at around 3 feet tall and 4 feet long weighing around 250 kilos. Console pianos are a little taller and weigh slightly less than their Spinet cousins. Then we have the Studio Upright Piano which is taller still compared to a Console. The largest, most common and heaviest upright piano is the Classic Upright Piano. Make a point of notifying your removalist which version of piano you need to move, including the measurements if possible.

Grand Pianos

There are also several versions of Grand Pianos; however the relocation of these items will require the best of the best removalists in Melbourne in making this happen. The Horizontal Grand Piano normally will require disassembly. Your movers will need to be made aware of this ahead of time. Even though the Horizontal Grand Piano is the smallest among the various versions, this task will still require 4 experts’ movers.

Even Baby Grand Pianos will require partial disassembly and should be treated in a similar manner as the Grand. Weighing around 300 kilos, up to 5 feet long, and awkward in shape and size, remember to only hire experts who can demonstrate their past experience with piano moving. Concert Grand and Ballroom Grand usually require additional manpower (up to 5 movers). These pianos are the largest in the Grand Piano family with an average cost of around $60,000.

move piano

Due to their large size, in order to manipulate larger pianos through common obstacles such and stairs, corridors and doors, partial or full disassembly will be required.

Before buying a piano from a dealer, check whether they provide delivery services and if there are associated costs involved. Also check on their insurance policy regarding the delivery. If you are required to arrange your own movers, will the dealer assist in moving the instrument to a conveniently located area for pickup? The more information you can provide to the movers for accessing the item the better. This will ensure things go smoothly on the day without any hidden surprises.

Pianos are a very special asset to most people who own them. Collectors, musicians and famous people are just some of the high-class people who commonly call upon the expertise of renowned piano movers. Many established piano movers in Melbourne have built up a trusted reputation within certain social circles whereby word of mouth referrals sees the top piano movers called on repeatedly to help relocate these instruments and also provide best way to move a piano.

True piano movers possess far more experience and knowledge than the average traditional removalist. These guys will be able to help with any questions in regards to the various pianos and this is the major difference to standard furniture or house movers.

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