How to Provide Proper Care for Your Piano for Long Distance Move?

When it’s time to pack up and move your home then at that time you’ll need to make a proper plan to protect your special household goods especially pianos because it is very complicated procedure which help to protect your piano. These pianos are very beautiful and delicate and they it can be heavy and awkward. But when you don’t proper care then at that time it can also cause damage to your floors or even the piano. So, if it’s time to move your piano to a new room within your current home or across town to a new home then at that time you will need to put it into storage for a short period of time and there are several dos and don’t which should be follow to help protect your valuable instrument.


The basic weight of piano should between three hundred and eight hundred pounds. There are also so many rights for thousand pounds. These pianos are typically double your basic upright, and they average around twelve to thirteen hundred pounds. At that time you have to need experienced Piano Movers Melbourne will should be chosen as the best way to transport your piano safely to the designated destination. It is also important that you have to secure your musical instrument’s delicate internal parts to prevent damage by wrapping it in heavily cushioned pads and moving blankets, as well as, other specialized equipment to ensure its safety during the packing and transferring process.


It is important that you have also need proper equipment and practices for protecting a piano. This equipment will also include heavy duty furniture straps, a dolly or two, and a thick, soft cloth to protect the finish on your piano. You should also make sure that you should lid over the keys is closed and locked. This helps to protect all the keys, especially during a long distance move. You have also secured your piano to the side of the truck by tying it down or placing other objects beside it to hold it in place.

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When you travel for long-distance relocations then it is best for you that you have to need a professional who deals exclusively with pianos to disassemble your piano and pack it carefully before involving furniture movers. There are also so many companies from which you have to move the piano for you. This may mean that two separate companies are involved in packing, and it’s a good idea to check the paperwork to be sure who will be responsible for delivering the piano in the same condition it left.  We help to provide safely transport your pianos for commercial moves as well, whether we’re moving a single piano to a local music venue, or transporting a showroom of pianos from one store location to another.

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